Captain Morgan Spiced Rum ” Hey Chicago!…” Neon Sign

"Hey Chicago!... Got a little Captain in you?"

He was Captain Henry Morgan, one of the 17th Century's most daring and successful buccaneers, admired throughout Caribbean waters - a legend in his own lifetime...

Born in Wales in 1635, he sought thrills and fortune in the "New World." Throughout the Caribbean, fom Curacao to Panama City to Jamaica and beyond, his adventures as a buccaneer are legendary.

He became one of Britain's most successful military strategists and an inspirational leader. He gained the loyalty of unruly buccaneers who followed him without question, and won the respect of nobles and heads of state.

In 1674, a grateful King Charles II rewarded Captain Morgan for his devoted service to England with a knighthood, and Sir Henry Morgan served as Governor of Jamaica in 1680.

Renowned for his sociability and generosity, he became a celebrity in the rum shops and taverns of Port Royal until his passing. Honored with a state funeral, he was laid to rest on August 25th, 1688...

...yet his Legend lives on!

Full size image of Captain Morgan with Barrel and Sword.

Size 19" X 3o"


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